CanPro Farms realized that the long-term success of the company would require re-alignment of its crop rotation.

With our focus being on maximizing the production of high quality alfalfa, we felt it best to form long-term relationships with local growers, who specialize in small grain production, to farm the land from us in the years it is not in alfalfa production.

This allows the growers we work with to expand their land base without having to outlay extra capital to purchase more land. It allows us to limit the amount of capital we have in machinery to equipment specific for alfalfa production. A win-win for both parties.

As such, CanPro Farms hopes to create more long-term financial partnerships with local farmers to help them grow, reduce debt and/or finance retirement and succession while protecting Canadian farmland for farming.

Land Owners

Lease Your Land

Would you like to step back from the day to day operation of your farm? Hebert Grain Ventures leases land from interested farmers and other land owners. We offer two types of arrangements :

  • Straight cash rent
  • Gross margin rent: (Yield x Price – Input costs ) x fair percentage

Income can be paid to you monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. We offer competitive rates and you can be confident that our modern, environmentally conscientious, high-efficiency farming techniques will ensure you the best possible return and while protecting your land and legacy.

Sell your land

CanPro Farms is also interested in buying quality land. We typically conduct these transactions in two ways :

  • Straight cash purchase
  • As part of a merger strategy. This may include a buyout over time. Note that there may be tax benefits with equipment disposal over time. We would adopt a transition schedule you are comfortable with. For example, you could work with our team to transition from active to semi retirement, to full retirement

When selling their land, many farmers are concerned about the impact on their communities. When you sell to Hebert Grain Ventures, you are selling to a family-based farming operation that places a high value on integrating with, and contributing to, existing communities. Your community will become our community.

Talk to us about leasing or selling your land

Thinking about succession?

Are you planning to pass your farm to your children or other relatives? It can be a complicated and emotional process. Leasing your land to CanPro Farms could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Your land stays in the family but operations are handled by Hebert Grain Ventures. Your legacy remains as an ongoing source of income and capital appreciation without the necessity of operating it on a day to day basis. Our process is seamless, transparent, hassle-free and built to meet the specific needs of you and your family.

Leasing Land

If you already rent land to CanPro Farms, you know that we appreciate your contribution to the operation. Our landlords are more than just a customer, we consider them to be a business partner. Many of our partners have been with us for extended periods of time, some as long as 20 years! They appreciate :

  • How we farm
  • How we compensate them
  • How we work together

There are many benefits if you become an Allam Farms Land Partner.

  • Fair, top paying rental agreements
  • Rents paid on time
  • Frequent communication

You will not be disappointed. If you know of someone who would like to have their land enriched by a first rate operation, contact Chris to learn more.

Referral Program

Allam Farms is looking for more business partners in the coming season. If you know anyone who is looking to sell or rent their land, let us know. For each 1/4 section we contract from your referral, we will give you, or donate to a charity of your choice, $500. If that parcel is directly adjoined to a field we farm the referral or donation increases to $1000. We thank you for your continued support as our business partner

Rental policy

The staff and management at Allam Farms Partnership take it as a personal compliment when we are approached to buy or rent land. We take pride in the way we deal with land lords, other farmers, and local businesses. When a land lord approaches us, our first question will be “who is currently a renting the property?” If the current tenant is still in good standing with the land lord, we most likely will not be bidding on the property. Our preferred circumstance is that the current tenet is finishing his or her farming career, and is no longer renting the property. In the event that a farmer has a dispute with the land lord AFP will examine submitting a bid. Some events that will warrant making a bid include :

  • 1. Disagreement between Landlord and Tenant
  • 2. Violating provisions of the contract by the Tenant
  • 3. Tenant failing to utilize the Premises for an extended period
  • 4. Tenant leaving the Premises fallow, unkempt, in disrepair or encourage the growth and multiplication of weeds.
  • 5. Over-due rental payments or paying less than the contracted rental amount without due cause.

We are always looking to expand our acres and do more of what we love.

Land Owner References Available Upon Request